NNON is your passport to a new kind of Scandinavian design that is cooler than an Icelandic glacier and more colourful than ripe summer berries. Our inspiration is rooted in the indigenous people of Scandinavia. These northern tribes moved from place to place to adapt to changing seasons and new environments. They used runic script to write their sagas and calendars, and to record their dreams and magic.

Today’s nomads – people who love to travel and make journeys for business and leisure – roam the world as a new tribe, a new community. They are spirited and independent, but connected by social media and their love of something a little bit ‘out there’. These nomads love the rich colours of nature and the clever concepts of Scandinavian design as much as we do.

With ‘NNON’s Nomads’, we bring this community together to create a global platform where everybody can contribute and exchange ideas and inspiration that will change people’s perception of Scandinavian design. Through NNON’s creations, we want to spread the principles of colourful, simple and honest forms around the globe.

Therefore we always would like to recieve new suggestions. If you have an idea for a design that you find suitable for NNON, please send some pictures to hello@nnon.dk or join the nomads – the tribe of Scandinavian design at either Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll have a look at it at once…

NNON's Nomads - NNON in the world